Mapbox Enhances Points of Interest and AR Features of Unity SDK

Last year, Mapbox launched the Mapbox Unity SDK to bring mapping and location services to the game industry. Mapbox continues its push into gaming with new features available in version 1.4.2 of the SDK. Specific enhancements to points of interest (POI) and augmented reality (AR) features highlight the latest version.

With v 1.4.2, POIs are selectable and searchable from the SDK's map component. Accordingly, developers can easier control to way in which assets appear in the world. For instance, developers can utilize prefabs with colliders to trigger events of choice when game users move close certain areas. To demonstrate, the Mapbox team created a POI placement tool that gamifies Yosemite Valley with a bio-dome over each camp site in the park. Check out the example in the blog post announcement.

With gaming headed more and more in the AR direction, Mapbox has ensured that every version and feature addition to its SDKs will support AR out of the box. To speed up Integration, Mapbox added prefabs for AR implementations. To get a better grasp on AR potential with Mapbox, check out Mapbox's AR site.

Mapbox will be demonstrating the latest version of its Unity SDK as well as the future of AR, maps, and sensors at its Locate event, next week in San Francisco. Other companies presenting include Uber, Snap, Tableau, Waze, and National Geographic. The race for tools within the mapping/AR space is explosive, and Mapbox continues to push the limits. Keep an eye out for more and more innovation.

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