Mapbox Launches Optimization API, Mapbox Navigation SDK Updated

Mapbox, a mapping platform provider for developers, has launched the Mapbox Optimization API, a new API that developers can use to build applications with optimized multi-stop itineraries. The API returns the optimal order for making stops to up to 12 locations. The order is based on travel time. The API is especially useful for applications involving logistics, transportation, or on-demand delivery. The Mapbox Optimization API allows applications to retrieve routes for driving, walking, hiking, or bicycling. According to the API documentation, the API solves the “Traveling Salesperson Problem” by returning a “duration-optimized route between the input coordinates.”

The company has also updated the Mapbox Navigation SDK for both iOS and Android. The SDK makes it possible to add turn-by-turn navigation to mobile applications. The SDK has been updated to include tools for location simulation that help developers test and demo applications. The SDK now includes re-routing improvements so that developers can better control how to handle reroutes. The SDK also includes a new “style” class that developers can use to custom style (colors and fonts) the drop-in turn-by-turn UI to match their applications. The drop-in turn-by-turn UI is currently available for iOS. Mapbox plans on adding a drop-in UI for Android to the SDK later this summer.

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