Mapbox Shifts API and SDK Pricing to Pay-As-You-Go

Mapbox has revamped the pricing model for its entire API and SDK portfolio. The company has shifted to a pay as you go model with no volume commitments. Additionally, Mapbox has increased the free tier for most of its products.

API and SDK mapping services play a major role in the programmable Web, with Google maps typically setting the tone on pricing. Less than a year ago, Google made significant adjustments to Google Maps pricing, which sent app owners and developers into scramble mode. Mapbox is a Google Maps competitor and has aimed to launch its new pricing scheme with developer interests front of mind:

"This is more than changing pricing--it's about making our platform easier to consume," the company stated in a blog post announcement.

In addition to an increased free tier and pay as you go model, Mapbox has phased out differentiated pricing. Discounts apply across the board for higher volume calls. The volume discounts scale with usage, and apply automatically (no negotiation necessary). Support is available at all pricing tiers, and Mapbox remains open to discussing special pricing options for unique uses case scenarios. Check out all of Mapbox's new pricing here.

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Comments (1)

Kamlesh Singh-Bisht

How is the new pricing better? Before I would get 50000 free map loads (1 tile loaded per map load) and then I would have to pay $0.50 per every 1000 requests. My average usage is nearly 210000 requests/month which brings the total cost to $80 ((210 thousands-50 free) * $0.50). With your new pricing the cost structure is the following:

50000 free

50000–100000 -> $250.00 (50 thousands * $5.00)

100000–200000 -> $400.00 (100 thousands * $4.00)

Total Cost: $650.00

I am not great at math but going from $80.00 to $650.00 does not look right. We are talking about a 712% cost increase. I find hard to believe that 75% of your clients are going to have their billing decreased with the new pricing you are going to introduce. If anything, it looks like you are doing the same thing that Google did a year ago and trying to put the “We do this for you” label to not look bad.

I was paying nearly $800.00 on Google Maps and that is why I switched to MapBox. I don’t see any reason why I should not go back to a more reliable service just for an extra $100.00/month.

Thanks & regards