Mapbox Unity SDK Brings Pokemon Go-like AR to Gaming Developers

Earlier this year, Mapbox launched its Mapbox Unity SDK. With the launch, Mapbox brought a next generation mapping and location Platform to their game industry software. In short, Mapbox wants to empower games across the board with the same type of augmented reality maps that led to the smashing success of Pokemon Go.

Whether you are building a simulation, MMO, data visualization, open world game, real-time strategy game, or RPG; the Mapbox Unity SDK provides the underlying mapping, and mapping-related services, where developers can easily access within Unity. SDK features include Mapbox streets, satellite imagery, a global digital elevation model, and the ability to upload custom datasets into Mapbox.

The Mapbox Unity SDK is a C#-based wrapper for use with all of Mapbox's location APIs. With the SDK, developers can easily access maps, geocoding, directions and other services directly within the Unity 3D platform. To get Unity developers creative juices flowing, Mapbox has published a series of examples. To get started or learn more, visit the SDK docs.

Foundry Group Managing Director, Brad Feld, suggested "location and maps are the new building blocks for AR and VR games." Accordingly, Mapbox could serve as the foundational element for a new generation of games. Mapbox believes that everything from automakers to movie studios could be affected by this shift, and the company hopes to be involved every step of the way.

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