Mapbox Will Soon Release Upload API and Walking Directions API

Mapbox, a leading map design and publishing tools provider, is developing two new APIs, the Mapbox Upload API and the Mapbox Walking Directions API, both of which will be released to a wider audience in the near future. The company already provides a suite of Mapbox APIs and SDKs that can be used by developers to create custom maps that can be added to websites and third-party applications.


Map showing specified route along the trails of Mount Rainier

The Mapbox Upload API can be used to upload imagery products to, where the data can be integrated with applications using the Mapbox JavaScript API. For example, DroneDeploy is using the Mapbox Upload API to upload orthoimagery products to The data is being used in an imagery viewer application where users can view images captured on different dates and see changes over time demonstrated via overlays from Mapbox Streets and other vector data. The Mapbox Upload API is still in development, but the API will be released to a wider audience in a few weeks.

The Mapbox Walking Directions API is an upgrade to the Mapbox Directions API, providing walking directions for data in areas that are accessible by foot. Developers can use this API to build applications that allow users to find and follow foot paths whether they are paved or unpaved. Mountain route paths and scenic city paths can also be mapped when the API is used with Mapbox Outdoors, a new map designed for the outdoors with biking, hiking and skiing trails. Mapbox Outdoors consists of curated data from dozens of sources, and terrain is stored and rendered as vector data so that maps can be heavily customized. The Mapbox Walking Directions API is in private beta; however, developers can contact Mapbox to request early access to the API.

Visit for more information about these upcoming new APIs and other Mapbox map design and publishing products.

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