Mapillary Open Sources Street-Level Image SDK

Mapillary, street-level imagery Platform, has launched an SDK to help third parties utilize its flagship functionality into their own apps and services. The SDK provides easy access to image capture technology, which allows for more robust in-app maps.

"Everyone needs updated maps, and being able to collect street-level imagery at scale is a huge part of that," Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary CEO, commented in a company press release. "This goes for obvious cases like mapping platforms, cities, and the automotive industry, but location-based services also include things like ride-sharing platforms and delivery companies. This SDK means more people will be able to capture imagery in a way that suits their needs."

Images captured through the SDK are uploaded to Maillary's platform. The more uploaded, the more Solem's vision is realized. To date, over 390 million images have been uploaded, from 190 countries. Mapillary's leading street-level imagery has already captured clients such as Audi, the World Bank, Mapbox, and other household names as customers.

The SDK is available for both iOS and Android. The iOS version is open source. Basic commands include image processing, upload, and some video support. The SDK is available for download at GitHub.

Mapillary not only provides street-level images, but it has the capacity to recognize certain objects. For instance, if a particular image includes a fire hydrant, traffic sign, or other machine-learnable image; third party apps can bolster their own service offerings to utilize such information. To learn more, visit Mapillary.

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