MapLight to Release Voter’s Edge API for Access to 2014 Election Information

MapLight, nonpartisan research group focused on money’s influence on politics, plans to release an API for its Voter’s Edge offering. The Voter’s Edge API will give developers programmatic access to a massive database of 2014 election data.  When the API is released next month, third party apps can integrate customized election data with existing platforms.


MapLight describes Voter’s Edge as “one stop for the 2014 election.” Voter’s edge provides the most comprehensive data set revolving around this year’s elections regarding who and what will show up on a voter’s ballot based on the voter’s zip code, and whose funding supports both sides of the ballot. The Voter Edge API will expand Voter’s Edge usefulness by integrating with third party tools and workflows.

The Voter’s Edge API will include access to three sets of data: candidate data, ballot measure data, and California specific data. The candidate data includes insight into a candidate’s fundraising activity (e.g. total money raised, top contributors, endorsements, etc.). The ballot measure data includes insight into money collected for and against a ballot measure (e.g. geographic origin of contributions, what for and against votes mean, projected financial impact of the measure, etc.). The California specific data includes similar data sets for 50 different cities across California. To receive notice upon the API’s release, sign up for notification.

There is little argument that money plays a big role in elections. MapLight aims to unveil the true impact of political contributions and provide a single Resource for valuable civic information. Voter’s Edge is the realization of this goal, and API access only broadens its potential value.

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