MapmyIndia Launches Map API Platform

MapmyIndia, a GPS navigation and location-based services provider, has launched a Map API platform. The Platform includes multiple APIs that enable developers to integrate the company's map data into location-based apps. Individual APIs include interactive map, geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, distance and map image functionality.

MapmyIndia is India's leading provider of digital map data, navigation, tracking, LBS, GPS and GIS services. The Map API platform adds to its already robust product offering, which includes digital maps, navigation and tracking devices, location apps, GIS solutions, in-dash navi-tainment systems, mobile apps, printed maps and books. The API strategy allows MapmyIndia to expand its client base to include third-party business-to-consumer companies, business-to-business companies and enterprise IT systems.

The entire lineup of APIs in MapmyIndia's portfolio is RESTful. The Interactive Map JavaScript API  allows users to implement multiple map features, including a panable map of India, zoom bar, mouse and keyboard controls, overlays (e.g., map markers, info windows, polylines and polygons) and text/image additions. The Geocoding API searches for a provided address, city or point of interest and returns available details. The Reverse Geocoding API searches for an address, city or point of interest for a provided latitude and longitude. The Routing/Driving Directions API calculates a driving route between two locations. The Distance API calculates driving distance from a center point to various locations. The Map Tile Image API returns PNG data to draw a map tile at a specified position and zoom level.

The API platform is free for developers to build and test. Developers can build and test an unlimited number of applications. For those launching a commercial app and needing higher API transactions and customer support, paid plans are available. For access, visit the API website and sign up for a key. MapmyIndia provides a number of useful resources, including thorough documentation, live demos and downloadable Source Code.

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