Mapping Reviews

Some market segments have taken to adding maps as features to their sites more quickly than others: real estate, job search, news, and anything 'local' (even the seminal mashup HousingMaps was all about real estate). Following along that path of local content, the latest category of sites leveraging maps are the new generation of community recommendation and ratings services. Two recent cases in point are:

  • Yelp's new Maptastic service. A very well executed User Interface allows you to either browse by clicking and zooming on the map or by using the categories and individual results selections on the left. Nice level of Integration along with a reasonable quantity and caliber of reviews (at least for those cities and topics covered).
  • Judys Book

  • Judy's Book now offers This service also places reviews in geographic context but the interface is not as well executed as Yelp's: posts are chronologically listed along side the map and the overall feel is a bit clunkier. But they're just getting started so this will likely improved soon (this Seattle-based startup just received $8 million in financing).

Apparently no self-respecting recommendation service can go without one now. [via and via]