MapQuest Announces First Production Release of iOS Maps API

MapQuest has officially released the first production version of the iOS Maps API. The announcement posted on the MapQuest blog on July 19, 2012, states that "Today marks the first production release of the MapQuest iOS Maps API, which allows developers to build iPhone and iPad apps that incorporate the flexible routing, accurate geocoding, and unlimited free base maps that MapQuest is known for."

The release of the iOS Maps API was also posted on the MapQuest DevBlog with additional details.

Production version 1.0.1 of the iOS Maps API allows developers to integrate the MapQuest Platform within native iOS applications. MapQuest features developers can now include in their iOS applications include unlimited free MapQuest maps, accurate geocoding, driving directions and much more.

MapQuest iOS Maps API

Per MapQuest, developers now have the option of "offering features currently unavailable to iOS developers, such as integrated driving directions and the ability to choose between licensed MapQuest and MapQuest-OSM data and map tiles."

There is a complete iOS Maps API Reference Guide available, as well as MapQuest iOS Samples for download (zip file).

If you are new to developing Apple mobile device applications, you should first register as an Apple Developer before developing an application using the iOS Maps API.

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