MapQuest Announces Release of MapQuest.js: An Interactive JavaScript Mapping Library

We're excited to announce the release of the successor to our Leaflet Plugins, MapQuest.js! Built with Leaflet v1.1.0 Integration, MapQuest.js provides all of the power of the MapQuest geospatial Platform combined with the elegance of the open-source Leaflet mapping Library.

Seamless integration with MapQuest's APIs allows easy interaction with our geocoding, directions, traffic, and search-ahead services, both with and without a map.

Leverage proven MapQuest APIs with new flexibility and more features

With new simplified interfaces, you can create and configure interactive maps with many new features. Instantly choose from light, dark, satellite, or hybrid map tiles with zoom levels from 0 to 20 and utilize OpenStreetMap or licensed MapQuest datasets.

MapQuest.js provides all of the standard Leaflet controls, as well as our own MapQuest- designed controls, ultimately helping you code faster and more efficiently.

MapQuest.js Controls

Want to add some of the features of to your own map? The MapQuest control allows users to zoom, pinpoint their location, view traffic and incidents and switch to a satellite view with a simple and clean interface. Other controls include the new geocoding and directions controls.

Use proven MapQuest APIs from inside our new flexible JavaScript library

Icon Service:

Access all icons from the popular MapQuest icons API. Standard and customized icons, flags with labels, standard or retina resolution.


Tap into our industry leading MapQuest geocoder to complete forward, reverse, or batch geocoding. Leverage OpenStreetMap data or MapQuest licensed datasets, you choose.

Search Ahead:

Use autocomplete for prediction-based searches with the geocoding control with search ahead.


Include the traffic layer for real-time traffic incidents and construction. Icon popups add more details and three levels of severity.

MapQuest.js is lightweight. Pick the footprint and the library you need for your specific application:

  • MapQuest.js: The full library with Leaflet v1.1.0 included. This solution requires only the MapQuest.js JavaScript and CSS resources to begin development.
  • MapQuest-core.js: The core library lets you use a specific version of Leaflet. MapQuest-core.js includes the MapQuest integrations of the full library, but without Leaflet built-in. Simply add your specific version of Leaflet's JavaScript and CSS tags before including MapQuest-core.js and you can use the Leaflet version of your choice.
  • MapQuest-maps.js: A smaller version of MapQuest.js with a focus on mapping. The maps library removes some of the MapQuest API integrations in favor of being a lightweight and maps-only focused version.

For more information, visit our documentation for code and visual examples. And, post your follow-up questions or feature requests in our forum.

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