Market Intelligence Network API: Combining Satellite and On-the-Ground Data to Give Commodity Traders an Edge

Commodity traders are always looking for an edge. The Market intelligence Network API could be an indispensable one that now offers the geospatial ability to track ships delivering energy products from coal to oil and natural gas by combining both satellite and shore-based data. By visualizing the flow of oil products and combining that with a wealth of data that includes vessel movement histories, porot data and a wealth of other data.

By exploiting information on the flow of energy, traders can pick up opportunities to trade spikes and drops in futures contracts, as the Market Intelligence Network explains,

"Commodity traders and those who service them require a material competitive edge. Market Intelligence Network is designed to provide that edge, having evolved from the dynamic and complex environment of Front Office Commodity Trading. The ultimate connection of information on assets, trade flows, news events, fundamental analysis and industry networking contacts is your edge in the commodity markets."

A critical point is that the combined shore and satellite info refresh ship positions more than ten times per day on average, amounting to a critical aspect of any trader's edge. The database from Information Handling Services purports to be the most comprehensive of its kind, including coverage of over 2,500 ports, and has been continuously published since--get this--the year 1764.

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