MarketLive Releases E-Commerce API for Retailers

MarketLive, a leading e-commerce Platform for retailers, announced the release of the ML API. The API grants real-time access to the MarketLive Engine and the data exchange between MarketLive and third-party data sources. After Integration, MarketLive sits as the Back-end system that provides data (e.g., inventory levels, product descriptions, pricing, customer preferences, order history, loyalty points) and functionality to consumer-facing apps.

"Customers asked us to free MarketLive data in the system for use throughout the entire organization," Ken Burke, MarketLive's founder and CEO, said in a press release. "And this delivers the right balance of data exchange that our fast-growing commerce customers and partners told us they want and need as they succeed moving forward."

MarketLive envisions a broad set of use cases for the API. For both brick-and-mortar retail shops and online retailers, the possibilities for API integration abound. Retailers gain new ability to customize shopping experiences. Examples include customer-specific profile creation, better ad targeting, cross-platform selling, expanded cross-selling and upselling possibilities, and new app creation populated by MarketLive data.

MarketLive partners have already commented on the API's benefits: "The ML API enables our team to extend and innovate on the MarketLive application. This helps increase the productivity of our development team, drive innovation, and help customers achieve their business goals. This is a clear example of MarketLive's commitment to innovation, opening up the platform to partners and servicing the merchant," said Igor Gorin, CEO of Astound Commerce, a MarketLive Premier System Integrator.

The RESTful API makes for simple integration across many platforms. Those interested can find case studies and best practices on the MarketLive blog. Additionally, MarketLive maintains a busy webinar and industry event schedule. Keep up with the team via Twitter.

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