Marketstack API Provides Lightweight, Cost-Effective Access to Stock Data

Marketstack first released its API-driven market data product in 2018. The original thought behind the Marketstack API was a cost-effective alternative to Yahoo Finance. Just a couple of years later, the Marketstack API is one of the most popular solutions for real-time, intraday, and historical stock data. It supports over 125,000 stock tickers from 72 stock exchanges across the globe.

The API supports millions of concurrent API requests each day. In addition to basic stock and rate information, the API provides metadata, company information, and exchange information. The API exists as part of the broader apilayer portfolio of products which include currencylayer, ipapi and scrapestack.

The API is RESTful. Requests use an HTTP GET structure and responses are delivered in JSON format. Features cover data associated with end of day data, intraday data, real-time updates, historical data, tickers, exchanges, currencies, and timezones. For more details, check out the API documentation.

End of day requests are free up to 1,000 monthly requests. Paid subscriptions are available for real-time and intraday data. Visit the Marketstack site to sign up for a free API key.

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Hi Eric,

I checked the MarketStack API, it is working well for intraday or real-time US based stocks, but not working for other non-US based stocks, I checked in the documentation and found this:

In additional to daily end-of-day stock prices, the marketstack API also supports intraday data with data intervals as short as one minute. Intraday prices are available for all US stock tickers included in the IEX (Investors Exchange) stock exchange.

Can someone please tell me why this? I al looking for realtime API for all stock symbols,