MarkLogic Focuses on Dev Experience with NoSQL Update

As the importance and application of Big Data analytics grow, database technologies have to keep pace, as developers are accessing larger volumes of data with more frequency. In response to this movement, the enterprise NoSQL database Platform vendor MarkLogic Corp. has released the latest version of its flagship database, claiming MarkLogic 8 holds “massive enhancements for developers.”

This latest version blends the big data advantages of NoSQL data stores with the more traditional relational features of an RDBMS. The three main focus points for v8 were developer experience, semantics, and bitemporal data management, as the company seeks to build on the progress made with v7.

Developer experience was the main priority and the company has added support for both JavaScript and JSON at every tier, hoping this will attract developers by offering the use of languages they already know and love. “All of the work we’re doing on developer experience (Native JavaScript and JSON, Node.js driver, reference architecture, etc.) will be a standard part of MarkLogic 8. If you’re already on MarkLogic 7*, you’ll be able to upgrade to MarkLogic 8 with all of these developer experience features at no additional cost,” wrote Joe Pasqua for the MarkLogic blog.

MarkLogic 8’s semantics improvements make use of a new RDF triple store powered by full SPARQL 1.1 support and inferencing capabilities. This allows users to explore facts and relationships between billions of triples by creating combination queries using semantics, values, full text search, and geospatial elements in the same query.

The company also added a bitemporal data management feature, which handles historic data along two different timelines. The feature uses time-stamped files that allow users to rewind the information to any particular point in time to see it as it was recorded, facilitating the creation of a complete audit trail of data, which will be of particular use to the financial services industry.

Originally made available in November 2014 as part of their Early Access program, the general release date of MarkLogic 8 should be announced in early this year. 

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