Marqeta Releases Issuer Processing Payment API

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Today, payments innovator Marqeta introduced the world's first fully documented, open issuer processing Payments API at (DMC). The API is all-new, with no legacy infrastructure.

Marqeta is a nimble payments Platform with full feature-rich functionality, making it quick and easy to set up new physical and mobile payment cards, configure multiple funding types, and define how and where cards can be used in real time. Marqeta can power a host of specialty applications, from processing and program management, to multi-merchant commerce, to dynamic spend controls for both business-to-business and consumer use cases.

"DMC highlights Marqeta's innovative leadership that continues to change the way companies think about issuer processors. We take pride in the flexibility of our platform, and DMC is our showcase. We think the market will agree," said Jason Gardner, CEO Marqeta.

Through DMC, developers can now access the full functionality of the Marqeta payments platform complete with interactive Documentation, making it quick and easy to set up new cards, configure multiple funding types, and define how and where cards can be used in real time. This puts experimentation, A/B testing and rapid cycling of product development in control of the developer.

"The market is flooded with enterprises of all sizes across various verticals that seek a much more flexible option than the large legacy payment platforms offer. In each case we see that they are looking for a platform that can stay ahead of, not just keep pace, with the customer demand for innovation," said David Matter, VP Product at Marqeta.

DMC goes further than simply documenting the Marqeta Payments API. It is also a useful Resource in understanding the terminology and features used on the issuer processor side of the ecosystem. Users will also appreciate the detailed transaction flow that shows a high level view of how a transaction touches the customer, Marqeta and the partner. Lastly, Marqeta provides a robust set of use cases that illustrate potential applications and platform configurations. Included are the specific steps required to build a payment product with the features outlined in each use case.

"This is just the beginning for Marqeta's Payments Platform, we don't plan to stop innovating here. Expect our Payments API and DMC to rapidly evolve as we introduce new features and receive feedback from our partners," added Tony Ford, VP Technology at Marqeta.

Access to DMC can be found at Be among the first to sign up for early access to Marqeta's meticulously designed APIs and interactive documentation for quick and easy Integration.

About Marqeta
Founded in 2010 Marqeta's mission is to power the future of money. Marqeta is a leading issuer processor and program manager for card and mobile-based payments programs. Numerous large enterprise clients depend on Marqeta for its award winning all API based platform. In addition to high-availability processing, the platform can power a host of specialty applications, including advanced restrictions, dynamic authorization, CPG brand loyalty, banking platforms, loyalty, gifting, filtering and targeted spend for both B2B and B2B2C models. Current clients include some of the largest e-commerce, social media, financial services and traditional retail brands in the world. Learn more at

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