Marvel Launches API Access to Creative Collaboration Platform

This week, Marvel announced API access to its Marvel App, a collaborative creative Platform for designers, developers and other digital team projects. The Marvel APITrack this API provides third party access to the core functionality of the Marvel Platform. The goal is to streamline the design process further through app and tool Integration.

Just as the Marvel App was built to streamline collaboration, Marvel has built the API with in the same line of thinking. Marvel has created a dedicated API team to support the Marvel API and the developer community using the API. The API uses GraphQL to enable developers to gather all data needed in a single request. Marvel sees the API as a way to supercharge the Marvel App through automated workflows.

Core Marvel App functionality available through the API includes creating prototypes, adding designs, managing users and interacting with Marvel programatically. Developers can build bots, dashboards, integrations, or apps on top of the API. Check out the API docs to learn more.

To showcase the Marvel API, Marvel published BotBot (a Slack Bot for creating and managing prototypes). For developers who build a custom integration that could benefit others, Marvel encourages such developers share the integration. Marvel has already published a number of such integrations on its integration site. For those looking to get started, read through the Get Started guide.

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