Mashape Launches Official Mashape API

Last week, ProgrammableWeb reported that Spotify has added the Spotify Web API to Mashape, a popular cloud API marketplace. Mashape has now announced the launch of the official Mashape API which allows developers access to information from the near 2000 APIs available in the Mashape catalog.


Developers can use the Mashape API to search and retrieve information for APIs and users listed at Mashape such as:

  • Get API information based on Mashape username and API name.
  • Get a list of APIs for a specific Mashape user.
  • Search the Mashape API catalog by keyword and/or category.
  • Get API consumers based on Mashape username and API name.

Responses to API calls are returned in JSON format and there are currently five client libraries available which include Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Obj-C.

The Mashape API has also been integrated into a new Mashape Chrome Extension that gets related APIs based on the content of the web page that is being currently viewed in the browser.

Visit Mashape to download the new Mashape API and to view the complete Mashape catalog.

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