Mashery Presents Sixth Annual Business of APIs (BAPI) Conference

Mashery, a leading provider of API technology and services (as well as a ProgrammableWeb sponsor), has just announced that the annual Business of APIs (BAPI) Conference will be returning to San Francisco on October 2, New York on October 17 and London on November 6.

The past year has been the strongest for API growth, with the ProgrammableWeb Directory hitting the 7000 mark just last month. The number of APIs in active development are continuing to grow exponentially.

The annual Business of APIs (BAPI) Conference brings together top API experts and professionals to discuss using APIs to extend your business model, capture new revenue, extend affiliate networks, fuel innovation for new apps and much more.

The conference also features API University, a half-day curriculum that includes three educational sessions covering API management, security, strategies and more.

BAPI Conference

API innovators from many different industries will be presenting at the conference including (but not limited to):

San Francisco Presenters

  • Jeff Schaubschlager - Senior Product Manager Emerging Platforms department, Best Buy
  • John Musser - Founder, Programmable Web
  • Tyler Singletary - Developer Evangelist, Klout

New York Presenters

  • Chris Jason - Director of APIs, ESPN
  • Kevin Flowers - Chief Technology Officer, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.
  • Victoria Barret - Editor, Forbes Magazine

London Presenters

  • James Parton - Director of European Marketing, Twilio
  • Kevin Flowers - Chief Technology Officer, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.

APIs used to be something used only by developers and information architects. Today, there is a new "API Economy" that is even further fueling API growth and popularity among businesses as well as developers.

The Business of APIs (BAPI) Conference, now in its sixth year, is currently "The only conference dedicated to the business of APIs."

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