Mashing Up The Library Competition

There's a new mashup contest in progress, this one from the folks at Talis, provider of library management systems to the UK and Ireland library marketplace. They have a fairly complete API which was just added to the ProgrammableWeb listings this week.

As for the contest, from their site:

For all those users of libraries who have ever wished they could bring information from their library to life outside the virtual walls of its web site. For all those librarians who have contemplated enriching their OPAC with maps, reviews, jacket images, or folksonomies. For all of you, and for anyone else who has harboured a yearning to see information from or about libraries put to best use and displayed to best effect alongside information or services from other sources, we bring you the Mashing Up The Library competition.

This is your chance to wow the world with your ideas; your chance to build better systems on top of library data; your chance to demonstrate the value and the power of libraries; your chance to take library information and display it in exciting new ways; and your chance to walk away with £1,000. Entries are due by Friday August 18th.

This and the MSN Messenger Invasion of the Robots Contest are both in the 'active contests' list on the ProgrammableWeb contests page.

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