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The recently launched Post Remix, a new feature that's intended to "spotlight the work of outside web developers who've made cool and interesting projects ('mashups') using Post content." The effort was lead by Adrian Holovaty, who notes: "Why are we doing this? Because we want to foster innovation, and because we want to see your ideas about new ways of displaying news and information on the Web." Very innovative to see a traditional news publisher 'bless' use of their RSS feed and will be interesting to see how it develops over time. [via]

WashingtonPost RemixHere's the Post's initial news-based mashups:

  • Today's Arts Image Quiz: The most fun of the bunch is this game where you have to guess which top arts and entertainment story images came from which categories. From Adam DuVander, who made the world news map profiled earlier this week.
  • News Cloud: Frank Wiles takes keywords from Washington Post news stories and maps them into a tag cloud interface.
  • Ripped From the Headlines: A daily news quiz generated directly from Washington Post headline feeds.
  • World News Maps: Color is used to represent newsworthiness of news stories from the Washington Post RSS news feed plotted on a Google Map.

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[...] Thanks goes to John Musser for pointing me to the Post’s new toys, which they’ve, rather boringly, called Post Remix.  The one toy that intrigued me was their World News Map, created by Adam DuVander.  At the moment the site is butt ugly and I could drink six pints of Guniesse and it’d still be butt ugly.  It’s one of those sites that shows it’s age immediately.  In this way it’s a good example of seeing Web 2.0’s past in the present.  Looks, of course, aren’t everything but they’re in the top three when it comes to judging anything.  For example, would you rather curl up with a rat or a puppy? [...]