Mashup Acquired by The Weather Channel

Demonstrating that a sufficiently talented solo mashup developer can succeed in building an application worthy of purchase by a major corporation, David Schorr's terrific Weatherbonk was aqcuired by The Weather Channel Interactive yesterday. The mashup does a great job of integrating disparate sources like weather and traffic cams, news reports, multiple data sources, and historical averages. You can even put in a travel route and get weather forecasts that follow-along your path.

Not the first time this has happened, earlier this year Google bought mashup Panoramio.

This week's purchase also included sister sites Ski Bonk and Golf Bonk. Each of these nicely integrates weather maps. (You can see and vote on our profiles here: Weather Bonk, Ski Bonk, Golf Bonk.)

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company said it is looking to extend its core assets through new online and mobile properties. Future targets may include "travel, vacations, health, recreation, green living, sports, traffic and local".

David's been a regular at Mashup Camp since the beginning and won first place at Mashup Camp 2.

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[...] yesterday we saw how mashups can become aqusition targets and today we see how a company’s internal mashups can become part of their external products. [...]

[...] Extra feature: The always popular Mashup Contest is now a range of contests with over $9K in prizes available. At past Camps the competition has lead to some notable winning mashups like and PodBop (our profile), The Hype Machine (our profile), and WeatherBonk (which has since been acquired by the Weather Channel). [...]

[...] And what fame and riches await if you’re a developer using these sorts of weather web services? Well if you’re lucky, you could end-up like David Schorr, creator of classic mashup WeatherBonk, a mashup that was ultimately acquired by the Weather Channel themselves. [...]

[...] the best mashups is still less expensive than traditional R&D. And it’s not unheard of: The Weather Channel bought Weatherbonk (pictured above) and Google acquired Panoramio, both in 2007. Tags: Gov, Money [...]

[...] (it actually uses over 10 APIs, more details here). WeatherBonk was a Mashup Camp winner, and was acquired last year by the Weather [...]