Mashup Camp 4 Wrapup

Another eventful Mashup Camp wrapped-up on Thursday with announcement of the winners of both the traditional Speed Geeking competition as well as the new Best Business Mashup contest. The first place prize for the now classic Speed Geeking contest went to the creators of video aggregation service, Taylor McKnight and Chirag Mehta. For McKnight this was a return to the mashup podium as it was his PodBop that won the top prize back at the first Mashup Camp. More details on this winning mashup including video on ZDNet.

The Business Mashup contest was notable for its focus on behind-the-firewall mashup scenarios, built quickly and with minimal or no coding required with tools like IBM QED Wiki, Dapper, and StikeIron. The winners of the $1500 first prize, Renat Khasanshyn and Mark Madsen, succeed on that front with the mashup "Cold Call Assistant" which as they describe "makes cold-calling new prospects from easier by gathering and displaying recent news about the company and their competitors, and provides a list of restaurants near the prospect's location along with a map for directions. This gives the salesperson relevant and current discussion points about the target business prior to the call, and makes it easy to suggest meeting for lunch or dinner in an area close to the prospect." Data is also collected from Google Local Search, Google Finance, Google Maps, AccuWeather, and tools including Dapper and Apatar. See the screenshot below for an example:

Cold Call Assistant

For some good notes on the variety of discussions that took place during the camp, see these blog entries from camp organizer David Berlind and attendees Sandy Kemsley, Scott Rosenberg, Gregor Hohpe and Steven Citron-Pousty.

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