Mashup Camp 8 Next Week, $9K in Prizes

With all of the new APIs opening-up these days and increasing emphasis on development in the cloud, it's timely that next week is Mashup Camp. Now in its eighth run, it is free and once again there will be lots going on. Over at InformationWeek, co-founder David Berlind gives a good summary of the event. And although over 350 people have signed-up there are still a few spots available.

Here are the details:

  • When: November 17-19th
  • Where: Mountain View, CA, at the Computer History Museum where the first camp took place back in early 2006.
  • Cost: Free. Just like the first Camp, there is no cost to register. Also free is the food at breakfast and lunch, as well as the entertainment.
  • Who: As you can see on the initial Who's Coming list it's a diverse group including mashup developers (independent and enterprise), analysts, VCs, tool providers, and the people actually building the APIs at places like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.
  • How and What: Follows an unconference format that allows the attendees to define the agenda and lead the discussions which results in a high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Panels and keynote: In addition to the unconference, there will be a keynote address from Tim O'Reilly along with a series of moderated panels (and panelists include three of our PW team: myself, Andres Ferrate, and Raymond Yee).
  • Extra feature: The always popular Mashup Contest is now a range of contests with over $9K in prizes available. At past Camps the competition has lead to some notable winning mashups like and PodBop (our profile), The Hype Machine (our profile), and WeatherBonk (which has since been acquired by the Weather Channel).


You can see more of our coverage of past Mashup Camps here. And if you are there next week be sure to stop by and say hello to our PW team.

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