Mashup of the Day Gadget

If you're here on the ProgrammableWeb site or subscribing to this blog there's a pretty good chance you have at least a passing interest in what new and notable in the mashup space. Now there's another way for you to see what's happening: the handy new Mashup of the Day Google gadget (known internally as the "motd gadget").

Mashup of the Day

Each day it gives you the visual thumbnail and short summary of that day's best mashup. The link at the bottom gives the count of new mashups. (FYI, Google has a very smart and helpful gadgets team.)

Of course since any RSS Feed can be a gadget as well, you can opt for the text-only version that includes the full list of that day's new links:

Mashups of the Day

New mashups are published at ProgrammableWeb 7 days a week 365 days are year. The new Google Gadget is one more way to get the latest.

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