Is Mashup a Dirty Word? Serena Video Gets 1 Million YouTube Views

It's not often, or ever, that a video about web mashups hits number one and gets over a million views on YouTube. But that's exactly what happened with the fun video "Just @#$% It!! What are they saying?", produced by the team at Serena to promote their enterprise mashup tool suite. The video follows a gossip-like chain of conversations among a group of office workers as they tell each other about building mashups. But, any form of the word mashup gets bleeped-out as a dirty word. And as you can see in the 500+ YouTube viewer comments, there has been a lively discussion about what they're really saying, with guesses including "budget", "patch", "bash" and words that might really get bleeped on television.

For another rare humorous video about web mashups, there's last year's Man on the Street Video: What's a Mashup? video taken on the streets of Dublin.

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