Mashup Links and News

Just a quick rundown of some notable mashup-related links and news:

  • In Read/Write Web's Web 3.0: When Web Sites Become Web Services, Alex Iskold gives another good analysis of trends in the API and mashup space. In particular he looks at the strategic value of web sites becoming web services, but notes that until more than just a few hundred sites offer APIs, techniques like screen-scraping will continue to be popular mashup techniques.
  • Userplane just released their Instant Community product, a turn-key way to quickly add community and communication to any site including voice and text IM, chat rooms, userlists and games. This is related to the mashup trend we're seeing where besides just offering APIs, providers are also offer higher-level component services like widgets and other simple script components, often via JavaScript and Flash. This can help address multiple audiences but still building off the same provider Platform. Userplane is a ProgrammableWeb sponsor.
  • On the enterprise mashup front there's this report on how IBM Goes Goo-Goo for Gadgets. Apparently IBM and Google announced a deal that will integrate Google Gadgets into the WebSphere portal server to give corporate customers access to the 4000+ gadgets in an IT sanctioned way. The story points out that this continues the 'consumerization of IT' and that the deal helps earn Google more credibility as they move further into the enterprise.
  • And over at IBM's developerWorks, Elliotte Rusty Harold last month gave his Ten predictions for XML in 2007. Many of these items have implications here including increased adoption of the Atom Publishing Protocol - see Google's GData APIs for evidence - and the " XML Backlash" we see via increased adoption of simpler data formats like JSON. [via]

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