Mashup Merges Twitter and O'Reilly Books to Win Contest

Earlier this year, we covered the O’Reilly Writable API Contest, which invited developers to create applications on top of O’Reilly Books and Author information using the FluidDB API from FluidInfo. The contest was unique since applications could tap into the O’Reilly FluidInfo Objects and augment the information, visualize it in different ways and even mashup with other data sources and applications on the web. The winners include three great apps, with the top prize going to a Twitter mashup.

The winners were announced at the O’Reilly Radar Blog. Mark McSpadden’s application Book Chirpa won the first prize for an interesting application that mashes up the O’Reilly Book and Author information with Twitter. Book Chirpa allows you to see which books have been mentioned on Twitter, current trends and a concept called the Library, which simply lists down the O’Reilly books mentioned from a particular date and time. The application should be useful to see which books--or in other words, technical topics--are being most mentioned on Twitter, of course with relation to O’Reilly Books. And it definitely gave me some books that I should definitely check out in the near future.

The Second Prize went to Skillshelves written by Jonas Neuberts. Skillshelves lets you build a virtual bookshelf of O’Reilly books that you own or have read. And depending on their content, it identifies the technical skill-sets that you possess.

The Third Prize went to FluidCV written by Eric Seidel. This application Builds a CV for you automatically based on the O’Reilly books that you end up tagging inside Fluidinfo. While this is an initial version, it presents an interesting possibility to keep a constantly updated CV simply by tagging relevant objects.