Mashup Mines Twitter Movie Reviews, Shares Results

The humongous amount of data that Twitter generates daily, is spawning a new breed of company that is analyzing the data and providing value-added services on it. While the data mining and intelligence applications are still in their infancy, there are interesting applications that you can use today.

Mombo is one such application. As per their site, Mombo collects and analyzes all tweets around popular movies and provides users with a rating based on the crowd’s opinion. They currently provide a limited API, that gives you access to topical lists of movies, detailed information about movies and even a search for movies. The results are returned back in JSON format.

The consumer facing site, similar to Fflick (which we covered recently), is well designed and gives a quick access to user sentiments about a particular movie. You can find out about current movies in theaters, coming soon, most liked, most tweeted and so on. The Mombo engine gives a sentiment rating based on various parameters but it is not clear at this point, how they determine the rating.

Mombo Movie Review

It is easy to dismiss applications like Mombo as just a Twitter application that searches and displays data. But that is too simplistic a way to look at. What these companies are doing are mining through loads of data and building out sophisticated algorithms. For e.g. in Mombo’s case, their core IP is a sentiment-analysis engine and the web site is just a consumer facing movie review site.

Social Networks contain large amounts of information that is now being analyzed by a growing number of companies. The goal seems to help make a decision and in many potential cases, can even be used for targeted marketing and advertising purposes.

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