Mashup for Sale

Want to buy a slightly used mashup? For $10,000 you can own the outdoor community site The site, created in 2006 by brothers Dale and Brian Beerman, "provides everything the outdoor community needs to find and create journal entries of their outdoor activities". You can see their ProgrammableWeb listing here.

Why is it for sale? As they say on their blog:

"My brother and I, both Comp. Sci majors, developed the site throughout 2006, only to become involved in other startup opportunities. The site has languished due to a lack of marketing, but is completely finished and functional (go see for yourself!). The amount of work that went into it alone is worth $50K. The site is built completely with open source components, including PHP/MySQL and uses a large amount of DHTML/AJAX for dynamic content."

You can place offers at either web2.0forsale or BizBuySell. [via]

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