Mashup Tools, Frappr, and Skypemap

Been a busy week already on the mashup front:

  • Dion Hinchcliffe made some good observations about creating great mashups and why the growth of the mashup ecosystem might be being held back. One of the factors he cites is lack of good tools support. Ning is one of the few contenders thus far, but competition is coming soon.
  • Pete Cashmore points-out how successful Frappr has been. The mapping meets social networking site has been able to ride the success of blogs and the MySpace generation to become a rare maps mashup getting high Alexa ratings.
  • And Julian Bond has been working on his Skype to Google Maps mashup. In this post he gives some valuable insights into how he's been developing this. One that struck me were the optimizations around how slowly Google Maps render once there more than about 50 points on a map. This is one of the user experience killers for a surprising number of maps mashups where sometimes it takes literally minutes for the page to display.

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