Mashups for Lawyers

Quick note on a story run yesterday over at by John K. Waters: Mashups to Re-Map the Legal Tech Market?. It seems that the first "legal-tech mashup" might be a Google Maps feature added to the Lawbase software suite from 25-year-old vendor Synaptec Software. The examples of how this might be used given by Synaptec's CEO include "Utility and insurance companies might use it to track claims resulting from natural disasters or contamination. Government agencies might use it to better detect fraud. Prosecutors might use it as an investigative aid. Corporate legal departments might use it to track, say, expiring leases as they plan facilities consolidations." Not must-have uses but probably didn't take much for them to add (and safe to say that GIS mapping vendors would argue this is a pretty 'lite' implementation of those features).

Supreme Court Zeitgeist

The story, which includes a good high-level background on the mashup space, points to a couple of the law-oriented mashups listed here including:

On a similar vein, Mike Pegg over at Google Maps Mania just posted this roundup of Business Mashups.

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