Mashups in Learning-Focused Organizations

The New Media Consortium (NMC), "an international not-for-profit consortium of nearly 250 learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies," highlighted data mashups as an important emerging technology in its 2008 Horizon Report. The report estimates that it will take 2 to 3 years (PDF) for mashups to become part of the mainstream for "teaching, learning, or creative applications."

Following upon the report is the online 2008 NMC Symposium on Mashups scheduled for next week, April 1-3. On the program are such talks as "The Future is a Monstrous and Marvelous Mashup", "Learning From the Mashup: Are We Blending Our Future, or Throwing Our Future in the Blender?", "Confessions of a Mashup Un-Artist", and "Information Visualization Using Mashups and Web 2.0 Tools".

Might the NMC report and symposium be a sign that mashups are finally being embraced by forward-looking learning-focused organizations? In the meantime, check out the 4 education-related APIs and 36 "education" tagged mashups already in ProgrammableWeb.

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Comments (2)

Todd --

I agree that Yahoo! Pipes is a great way to learn the concepts of and create specific types of mashups. However, I don't think that the demise of Pipes by itself wouldn't set back adoption of mashups by a year or two.

I'm curious to know how you use Yahoo! Pipes for education.


" estimates that it will take 2 to 3 years (PDF) for mashups to become part of the mainstream for teaching, learning, or creative applications..."

Should Microsoft buy Yahoo, it will kill off Pipes the same day ( mentioned on page 20 of the report ) - adding a year or two to the above statement.

If we want to accelerate adoption of mash-ups, we need to start an campaign to bring Pipes to the attention of teachers in all grades of education.