Mavenlink Announces M-Bridge Integration & Extensibility Platform

Mavenlink, project management Platform provider, has introduced its M-Bridge Integration & Extensibility Platform. Mavenlink pitches the platform as a services-centric platform that is built to streamline Integration between disparate applications through an API-first strategy. The platform is Mavenlink's solution to the "hairball tech Stack" problem.

"[M-Bridge] helps align your integration strategy with your business lifecycle," the company announced in a blog post. "With the platform, businesses go from a hairball tech stack to a connected one with a core operational system of record."

The hairball problem that Mavenlink references arises when businesses, especially businesses in service industries, add apps upon apps over time with a goal towards automation. This leads to employees moving in and out of many apps and spreadsheets, and no central hub to manage the tangled ball of apps. M-Bridge acts as the central hub to achieve automation and standardization.

The platform includes pre-built integrations with well known CRMs, ERPs, and other service industry apps. A management console allows users to monitor and manage integrations. Developer tools include interactive API docs and a style guide. The Mavenlink API empowers the platforms extensibility.

Mavenlink's API-first approach allows M-Bridge to remain at the center of any user's app ecosystem. Regardless of company size, or app portfolio, M-Bridge meets developer needs and grows and adjusts as needed. 

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