mavenlink: The Project Planner API for a Rapidly Growing Platform

The mavenlink API is for third party apps to access data for mavenlink users of its project management Platform. It joins 133 other project management APIs in our API directory. The documentation notes that this version 1, which uses OAuth2 tokens, replaces v0 which is currently deprecated; v0 will be offline starting August 15. The API sends requests via HTTPS in either JSON or JQuery/Rails structured x-www-form-urlencoded format. Responses are in JSON format.

Just where is mavenlink on the project planner platform universe? According to a press release announcing a webinar series on sustainable growth hosted by the mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger, the platform is headed for superstar status:

In just under three and a half years, Mavenlink's software has reached nearly half a million users in 190 countries around the globe. With nearly 600 five-star reviews, it is the number one application in Google Apps Marketplace. Easy to implement, easy to use, and enabled internationally for nearly every industry, Mavenlink allows companies to work smarter by providing software for team management, file sharing, project history, mobile applications and many more.

Pricing is based on the functionality of the package chosen, from free to a monthly subscription of $25/user, with a premier package that has an undisclosed price--interested parties are invited to contact them.

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