Maximize Holiday Fuel Economy With .Gov Tool

As the holidays approach, many travelers will face high expenses, most notably for drivers consuming fuel on long distance road trips to visit family and friends.

In Digital Gov's weekly briefing on government-supported APIs, Bill Brantley recommends using the Trip Calculator to maximize your gas mileage. 

Using the web interface, users can input departure location, destination, and the make and year of their car to return the best possible gas prices available. The tool includes a map with plotted markers to help drivers find local deals on gas prices.

The web services, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, can also be accessed programmatically via their open APIs to integrate fuel economy data into 3rd party applications. 

The APIs provide access to a database of vehicle-specific information, including average petroleum consumption, electric charge times, annual fuel costs, emission rates, highway gas mileages, and more. Also included is an embeddable interface to aid in having a user select their car make and model. The RESTful APIs accept HTTP requests and return data in CSV and XML formats. 

Combined with current location-specific fuel prices sourced from across the nation, the Web Services offer powerful tools for developers to create new fuel economy mashups or to empower existing 3rd party travel applications. 

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