McLeod Software Introduces Digital Freight Matching API

McLeod Software, transportation management, and trucking software solutions provider has introduced a new Digital Freight Matching (DFM) web service API for its PowerBroker TMS product. Through the API, developers can integrate third-party freight and capacity matching data into brokerage operations. In turn, customers can write their own Integration solutions for PowerBroker.

"The release of this service achieves two primary goals," Robert Brothers, McLeod Vice President of Product Development, commented in a press release. "The first is to provide the greatest flexibility for our PowerBroker customers to choose the 3rd party freight matching solutions that help their business be more efficient in locating and transacting with capacity matching solutions. Secondly, we designed this to give control of security and shared data elements to our customers, the PowerBroker system user."

Prior to the API release, PowerBroker supported integration with a pre-configured third-party DFM products. Now, customers can choose their DFM provider of choice and integrate through a consistent set of endpoints. Once integrated, users can receive notifications on newly added or updated available shipments, qualification status per carrier, capacity information, and more. The API is RESTful. For more information, visit the API site.

McLeod is launching a certification program for those interested in using and supporting the DFM service in PowerBroker. The company believes this will ease the implementation of the new API. Certified partners will get a Sandbox environment to test and simulated data for development.

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