MeasureOne Announces New Developer Platform for Academic Data

MeasureOne, provider of an academic data APITrack this API and accompanying analytic products, has announced a new developer Platform. The new MeasureOne platform provides developers access to academic data that has already been extracted and standardized from transcripts that are often inconsistent in their original form.

The company sees the potential for this product to benefit many partners, ranging from financial institutions and talent acquisition firms to recent college graduates. Larry Rosenberger, a MeasureOne investor, spoke to the value of the technology:

“By unlocking academic data for innovative companies to leverage, MeasureOne is pioneering a data-driven effort to ensure students are rewarded for their academic achievements...”

The data-driven insights provided by MeasureOne include proprietary metrics like MeritScore and GradScore. These scores highlight an individual's credit performance and persistence rate, allowing institutions to better tailor the service they offer to customers.

The API provides transcript information from over 7,000 providers. Developers looking to get started using the RESTful API can request a demo or head over to the documentation for more technical detail. 

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