Medentify Seeks to Clothe the Internet in Social Fabric

Medentify seeks to serve as a third party reputation curator.  Reputation is a key component of our social fabric because it is the basis for trust which is required for any relationship.  The Medentify API will allow any site to tap into a shared reputation repository.

On a fundamental level, advances in information technology have created a degree of separation between us.  It has enabled people who have never physically met to interact and form relationships despite physical location.  This change removes us from our typical community safety net in which people that we meet and interact with are commonly introduced through friends, relatives, or existing contacts.  In that way, we have a second opinion from the friend that introduces us to someone new.  The new person has “passed” the social test.  This social filtering and reputation serves us well by bringing trustworthy people in and keeping suspicious folks at arms length

The Medentify API is RESTful HTTP returning JSON responses.  It’s very simple, having just two methods, searching for a comment or leaving a comment.  This services looks ready to be integrated with Reppify’s reputation services or the spammer list at YouCantCall.usReputation APIs are sure to grow as each new offering solves the problem in a slightly different way.

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