MediaFire Launches Developer Zone

MediaFire, a popular cloud storage service, recently announced its new Developer Zone. MediaFire created the developer portal to further its ongoing commitment to the developer community. To understand the details within the Developer Zone, ProgrammableWeb connected with MediaFire co-founder and CEO Derek Labian.

First, we wanted to understand what prompted the new Developer Portal. Labian explained:

MediaFire is one of the largest and most popular consumer online storage services in the world. Over the years, we've internally created and developed cutting-edge cloud technologies and services designed for transcoding, viewing, accessing and distributing media online.

With the launch of the MediaFire Developer Zone, we are looking to make these tools available to the developer community at large. Through providing the developer community with detailed tutorials, resources and partner success stories, we are looking to highlight the full flexibility and functionality of MediaFire's APIs.

When I see a new developer portal, I’m anxious to get the details on API resources available. Labian confirmed an abundance of readily available API tools and more to come:

MediaFire itself is built on the same APIs available in the developer center. Everything from document rendering to video transcoding and streaming APIs are available to anyone who wants to build on them.

At launch, Our APIs will be focused on providing developers with an easy solution for integrating online file storage and syncing into their existing applications. Over the next few weeks, we plan on launching mobile-specific APIs, as well as several media-specific APIs designed for transcoding and viewing media online.

To get word about the Developer Zone to market, MediaFire is reaching out to its existing partner community and making sure that its offering is top notch and attractive. As Labian puts it, the offering “goes way beyond uploading and downloading files.” Additionally, MediaFire will be sponsoring some upcoming events, and Labian assured me that ProgrammableWeb readers will be first to know of any developer contests.

MediaFire won’t measure the success of the Developer Zone by registrations alone. Rather, it's more focused on delivering valuable resources that the developer community can use to innovate and build on the MediaFire Platform. For quite some time, developers have sought assistance from MediaFire for integrating with its platform. As Labian explained:

What we're releasing ... is only the first step. We also plan to release a public bug tracker, SDKs for multiple platforms and forums that provide direct access to our engineering team.

Labian expects the Developer Zone to serve as an API Reference point and a community of apps that integrate with the MediaFire platform. He also believes the portal lends itself well as a method to receive and address feature requests. Most of all, Labian and the MediaFire team “look forward to seeing what creative online and mobile services the developer community is able to create" using their APIs.

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