Medium Presents its Publishing API

Medium, a network of readers, writers, and associated writing tools, has announced a Publishing API that participants can use to publish ideas, articles, and other information to the Medium network. While Medium offers an editor that many writers adore, Medium's main focus is the network where readers and writers meet, share, and React to ideas. Accordingly, Medium built an API where other writers can utilize third party tools and push content to the Medium network.

"We understand that everyone has their own approach to writing and preferred tools that help their ideas flow most freely from conception to page," Medium's Jamie Talbot offered in a blog announcement. "Not everyone who would like to publish on Medium will want to do their writing on Medium."

While writing tools arise as an obvious Integration fit for the Publishing API, Medium suggests the potential expands well beyond such integration. As examples, Medium throws out crime statistic posts, RSS feeds for newly enacted laws, or posts that simply deserve a wider audience as potential candidates for integration with the API.

The Publishing API uses OAuth2 and supports Markdown and HTML formats. When content is pushed to Medium, authors have the ability to select from a number of licensing options (e.g. no rights reserved, some rights reserved, all rights reserved, etc.). For more information, visit the API docs on GitHub.

The API is currently available through an early access program. Those interested should fill out this form for more information. Medium offers three SDKs (Go, Python, and NodeJS) to get developers started after approval. Further, Medium has provided a reference WordPress plugin to demonstrate PHP. Medium has taken a major move towards the developer community with the new API, and it encourages feedback as the company delves into new territory. 

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