Mega-mashup Memolane Helps You Remember Everything

You've spent years sharing your life on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and recently adding photos to the mix with Instagram. If you're like me and many others, sharing this stuff also serves as a means of archiving things to be able to easily look back later and say, "remember that? That was great."

Not a bad way to use technology, but it's a bit... spread out. You've got tons of stuff on Facebook, more granular stuff on Twitter and Instagram, and more visually memorable stuff on Flickr (your usage may vary).

Memolane | See search and share your life

Memolane (our Memolane mashup profile) aims to not only consolidate all of your stuff, but present it in a beautiful timeline.

As of now, Memolane can pull info from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr,, and even TripIt, as well as a few others. After connecting up all of your various social networks, Memolane sorts it all out and Builds you an amazing-looking timeline, that you can scroll through and share.

This is an excellent mashup and it reminds me of Don Draper's "Carousel" pitch in Mad Men.

It's great to see someone aggregating all this data that we're collecting about ourselves and presenting it in fun and new ways.

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