Well, it didn't take long: The new Y! Maps API was released only yesterday but the mashups have already started to come in, and indeed, they are 'flashier' than any before:

  • Chad Dickerson, Ravi Dronamraju and the team at Yahoo! created this amazing 'mega-mashup'. As the site says: The Event Browser queries Yahoo! Local Events via a map-driven experience leveraging the new Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. We'll start you out in a map view of San Francisco, looking at all events for today and the next two days. Pick another location, other days, or a particular type of event to see all the events that the Event Browser finds that match your choices.
  • geobloggers

  • And another wow-factor mashup comes from Rev Dan Cat at geobloggers showing-off what's now possible with a bit a geocoding, Flash, photos and more in the mix. Other details at his blog.

You have to see them to realize what's now possible.

Update: Nice detailed review at Solution Watch and lots of links from Jeremy Zawodny.

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Hi John, thanks for posting.

Just a quick note, ppl may have trouble with this mashup in IE (of course it works fine in Firefox). I'm not sure yet if it's my or the API.

When I figure out it I'll update.



Thanks for posting our demo app on your blog. We appreciate it.

Just to clarify, The Events Browser runs best in firefox 1.5 beta (PC), but it'll work well in all the latest browsers (IE6, Safari, Firefox 1.+)

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Indeed, the events browser works quite well for me under both Firefox and IE. Great app.