Megalytic Uses API to Aggregate Web Metrics

MegalyticNew York start-up Digital Brand Mine has released an API-driven analytics tool dubbed Megalytic that aggregates web performance data from diverse sources into a single, brand-centric Platform.

While there are many software products designed to assemble and analyze social network platforms for the purpose of social listening, few have focused on the needs of marketing analysts.

Tools like Google Analytics are powerful and enjoy wide adoption but they are largely limited to reporting on website stats like traffic sources, click-through paths, page popularity and other metrics directly related to website visitor behavior.

In reality, most brands maintain diverse properties and channels to market and communicate with audiences. A robust brand presence today will include not only websites but also pages on Facebook, Twitter channels and outbound email programs.

“One problem marketing analysts face is having to pull data from lots of different sources across multiple brands – meaning dozens or even hundreds of accounts. Megalytic centralizes access to all the data allowing analysts to download data from all these sources with a couple mouse clicks,” says Founder Mark Hansen.

Evaluating the performance of these properties and uncovering patterns that span multiple channels is key to understanding marketing impact. Its also an invaluable tool in managing media spend and allocating marketing budget.

Megalytic allows users to activate accounts with major channels including Facebook, Omniture, Google Analytics, Twitter and CheetahMail. The system uses open API from these services to populate custom reports called slices. Users can define slices by time span, account and metrics, such as Facebook likes, retweets, email opens and other KPI that are typically unique the channel.

Megalytic plans on expanding support for additional data sources. “MailChimp and Bazaarvoice are at the top of our list,” added Hansen. “We also plan to roll out a Megalytic API – so that our customers can integrate Megalytic with their applications.”

While it is possible to do that today it requires some manual processing. The release of the Megalytic API will allow developers to seamless integrate diverse marketing performance data into their data warehouse or other proprietary applications.

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