Mention API: Know Who's Saying What About Your Brand

Whether we like it or not, social media is a powerful marketing tool, and what people are saying about a brand or business can have a noticeable effect; good or bad. What would be really beneficial, is if businesses could be notified immediately whenever their product or brand was mentioned on a social media Platform or elsewhere on the web, allowing them to act accordingly. Enter Mention. It's created to do exactly that - allow users to follow mentions online. Mention also provides the Mention API that allows developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.


Mention's features allow users to monitor anything that is published about their business or brand on social networks, news sites, forums, blogs or any web page, in up to 42 different languages. Users receive live alerts via email or push notifications, and can share these alerts with other users or assign tasks to team members where necessary. Mentions that are classified as more important, can be flagged according to factors such as the influence and authority of a source, or recent interactions a user has had with that source. In addition, Mention provides a statistics and data export tool that provides an overview of a user's mentions according to a specific time period, a source or the language used, and also allows users to create PDFs or export the data in CSV format.


The Mention API includes example methods such as managing accounts, retrieving mentions and sharing and managing alerts. Requests should be done using a POST method, and responses are currently in JSON only. Developers who want to access the Mention data can get more information and Documentation on the website.

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