The Menumatch App: Letting You in on One Big Fat Secret

The Menumatch game is the brainchild of Ali Fairhurst of APIaday fame, who created 1 app every weekday from an API during the month of January. This is her app for January 29th.

Menumatch is easy and informative. Once you press start, you are given accurate nutritional facts (just like the label's on products you buy on the grocery store shelf; see above example). Then you are presented with a choice of two foods and asked which one the label belongs to. In this example, you have a choice between Fried Floured or Breaded Cod, on the one hand, and Brie Cheese on the other. Which food belongs to the label? Is it Cod or cheese? Click one and you get told the answer; on the next one you see your score. If you got it right, you see 1/1. If wrong, you're at 0/1, and so on. (The correct answer is Cod.)

Data is pulled from FatSecret, an independent and free "place for people interested in food and diet." The Fatsecret API accesses recipe, food and nutrition databases and comes in REST or JavaScript flavors. As Fatsecret explains, their API is free and,

"Perhaps best of all, the FatSecret Platform API fully syncs with another key feature of the FatSecret Platform, FatSecret Brand Tools, a set of standardized easy to use tools for owners of branded food and beverage products to submit, manage and share nutrition and related product information. So where available, the FatSecret Platform API will access verified product information directly from the owner of the relevant brand."

I thought this game was going to be so easy as to be pointless. A few clicks and my superior food knowledge would be vindicated and I'd be bored. But then I kept losing. I found it hard.

The app is an impressive demonstration of finishing strong for Fairhurst at the end of a challenging month. She's certainly demonstrated both a passion for improving skills and a desire to create useful apps. Be sure to check out the calendar of the 27 she built in January.

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