Mertech Launches Evolution, a Multiprotocol API Dev Tool

Mertech, a specialty database middleware products provider, announced a new multilanguage, multiprotocol API server called Evolution. Evolution allows users to integrate apps at a global level without massive investment in infrastructure or software. Companies can migrate Windows desktop applications to a service-based API model. Once application functions are exposed as Web APIs, other apps can consume the APIs using a variety of protocols (e.g., JSON-RPC, SOAP, Thrift, etc.).

"Evolution is an ideal solution for companies looking to convert their Windows applications into a SaaS offering," Mertech CEO Riaz Merchant said in a press release. "With Evolution, developers can create an API to expose the business rules developed in one language and have it available to be consumed by other languages via multiple protocols. It offers significant time and cost savings because it doesn't matter what programming language is used, it doesn't matter the protocol or what language the calling program was developed in, and it doesn't require recoding of existing applications."

Evolution represents an API economy-focused tool that empowers IT departments with a number of new options. The tool facilitates cross-language development with Thrift. Developers can convert existing function calls to Web APIs served by HTTP or TCP. Evolution supports JSON-RPC and SOAP using the same code base. Teams can seamlessly integrate existing Windows applications with an open source technology stack. Further, users can easily test APIs with a prebuilt API testing framework.

Evolution's server administration manager can be used as a standalone tool or as a Microsoft Management Console plug-in. Deployment is simple from end to end, including the configuration and installation of Apache. Developer and trial license are free. Those interested can pick up a license at Mertech's site.

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