Message Bus Plus Zapier Equals Endless Email Centric Possibilities

In a press release on 11 March 2013, Message Bus announced that its Message Bus Platform is now available for Integration via Zapier's drag and drop API integration capabilities. This is exciting news for anyone trying to create efficient integrations and workflows that make sense for business but don't come with the associated efforts, long lead times and costs that custom API work entails.


Message Bus is a cloud-native application service for email and mobile messaging. It's a scalable, dynamic, self-correcting system that provides businesses with reliable and trusted deliverability for the sending of critical transactional and marketing emails. Zapier is a service that enables users to automate tasks between other online services (181 options, to be exact), essentially 'tying together' various business software. The data provided by the Message Bus platform can now be easily integrated into a variety of third party applications with the help of Zapier, opening up the possibilities for smarter and more efficient business.


Message Bus president, Ken Cheney says,

"There are countless possibilities with Zapier to cost effectively drive smarter business processes by rapidly integrating data. It's well known that email drives customer engagement across channels, but how do you uncover the unique and ultimately time dependent possibilities that lie just below the surface? Zapier enables Message Bus customers to rapidly integrate email analytics with tools like Data Dog. In this case, customer engagement metrics, often regarded as only interesting for marketers, are turned into analytics that help marketers and DevOps personnel strategically manage outbound communications and tactically alert them if something goes wrong. The possibilities Zapier opens up are endless, the only blocker is your imagination.”

More information about this development and Message Bus' capabilities is available on the company's website.

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