Message Systems Launches an Email Service for Developers

Message Systems, a leading email infrastructure software provider, has just announced the launch of SparkPost, a cloud-based email service designed for developers. Using the SparkPost API and SDKs, developers can quickly add email functionality to their Web and mobile applications.


SparkPost features cloud email service real-time analytics. Image credit: Message Systems/SparkPost

SparkPost is an email infrastructure-as-a-service Platform that features real-time analytics, email templating, prebuilt SDK libraries and APIs, high scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing. SparkPost is built on Message Systems Momentum, an all-in-one email infrastructure platform designed for large businesses and enterprises. Bob Evans, manager of software engineering applications at Message Systems, told ProgrammableWeb:

Historically, our email solutions have been geared toward large companies that need to send a very high volume of emails. While a developer at a startup might not be as concerned with sending high volumes, they do care whether or not those messages are actually getting delivered to the inbox, because email is often critical in driving user engagement and revenue growth. With SparkPost, anyone building an application that requires a messaging component can take advantage of the same feature set and APIs as someone buying an enterprise-size solution. This level of assurance is incredibly important when you're a startup and you're trying to build a successful company. In addition, the SparkPost API is easy to use and intuitive, and has really strong reporting capabilities so that the people on the back end can analyze how well their messages are performing and make any necessary adjustments in real time.

SparkPost was built using an "API first" approach and features a suite of SMTP and REST APIs that allow developers to leverage SparkPost platform functionality. Available API endpoints include metrics, recipient list, templates, transmissions and Webhooks. All API requests must use Authentication, and responses are returned in JSON data format.

Justin Newton, CEO at NetKi (a SparkPost customer), told ProgrammableWeb: "The SparkPost APIs are very straightforward and descriptive, we were able to get online very quickly. Furthermore, the Documentation is fantastic and gave us lots of examples about how to solve our use cases."

SparkPost is in beta; however, the platform will be generally available in early 2015. For more information or to request a beta invite, visit the SparkPost website.

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