MessageMe Succeeds Despite Blatant Facebook Snub

As Facebook is one of the major players and MessageMe is a new kid on the block, you would expect that the latter would be intimidated, if not crushed, by any direct attack from the social giant. In this case, it doesn't seem to be so. Despite Facebook recently cutting off MessageMe's access to the Facebook Friend Graph, the newcomer has since grown in popularity and managed to raise $1.9 million.


One could assume that this move on Facebook's part has actually just drawn more attention to the new messaging app, which in turn is resulting in the network growing further. In a recent blog on MessageMe's website, the company announced that since their launch they have grown to include a community of over 1 million users and are currently sending over 500 notifications per second worldwide. In addition, Social News Daily reported that,

"MessageMe also recently raised $1.9 million from a group of popular investors that includes, True Ventures, First Round Capital, Google Ventures, SVAngel,, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners and Social+Capital Partnership, among others."

Last week, Facebook cut off MessageMe's access to its Social Graph, preventing MessageMe users from being able to search for friends via the social network. This isn't really surprising, as MessageMe is apparently too similar in functionality to Facebook's own Facebook Messenger, and it's not completely absurd for the company to want to limit a direct competitor's access. It's also not such a big blow for MessageMe, it seems, as the mobile messenger relies very little on Facebook for it's growth, but rather on the ability to pull contacts from a user's address book; as is the case with other big messaging apps already in existence.

MessageMe is an innovative messaging application that isn't limited to simple texting or photos. It can also pull in images from Google search, music from iTunes, videos from YouTube or doodles that the user has drawn; all aimed at giving the user the freedom to communicate the way they want to. Even without access to Facebook's Friend Graph, MessageMe seems to have a lot to offer, and so far users seem to agree.

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